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The Fourth Way

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Since all knowledge is interconnected, the presentation of one aspect of truth usually involves lying.- G.I.Gurdjieff

The Mill
Early Spring at the Mill

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The Fourth Way is an intentional community based primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, which uses the events of everyday life as an opportunity to explore consciousness. Gurdjieff [1] speaks of the traditional ways: “the Way of the Yogi, the Way of the Monk, the Way of the Fakir, and the Fourth Way – the Way of the householder. The Gurdjieff sometimes called it "The way of the sly man

Most of us find ourselves living and working in the downtown core. Each context is unique – some share houses, having regular communal meals and facilitated circles once a week. Some nuclear families open their homes to others or link with other families. Some take the principles and tools into businesses uplifting the relationships and productivity. Others join forces in creative projects – music, art, house renovations. Many members attend weekly men’s, women’s, and mixed groups facilitated by the Toronto Institute of Self Healing and the Centre for Relationship Coaching


Our common link is that we use our experiences and relationships within these contexts heuristically as modalities for exploring our unconscious scripts and patterns and to deepen our self knowledge through the mirrors others offer.


As well as weekly three hour circles there are various weekend and weeklong intensives at the Mill, a country property 2 hours north of Toronto.


While no specific creed is promoted – spiritual self discovery is at the core of this community.


If you are longing for deeper relationships with yourself and others and would like to explore community call us.


" One must do everything one can and then say 'God have Mercy!' "

G. I. Gurdjieff


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A seminal spiritual figure, introduced to the West an ancient yet unknown

esoteric teaching of development and awakening, one that taught how to

creatively use the diverse impressions of ordinary life to come to real life.


30th Anniverary at the Mill Celebration
Andrea & Ross at 30th Celebration

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