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The Fourth Way

Community Houses
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Conscious Intentional Community Living
Living together with others similarly committed to growing their consciousness enables one to become aware of patterns that might otherwise remain buried.

Currently there are community homes in downtown Toronto and in Mississauga where several individuals and families have invited others to share their homes. The Mill near Owen Sound, Ontario has for thirty years been the site of many community living experiments.


The common intention in these situations is to create a safe environment where we can welcome another’s truth as a way of drawing closer and deepening self knowledge.


Usually at least a year's commitment is called for as is attendance at a regular weekly group to learn the various tools and principles that we have proved helpful in creating a solid foundation for conscious community.


Below are the names phone numbers and e-mail address of past and present members of community houses who are will to share their personal experiences.


Also there are links to community living experiences.

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