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The Fourth Way

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The Centre for Relationship Coaching

To Create Heaven on Earth

& The Toronto Institute of Self Healing

Dr. C. Dermot Grove-White, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., M.A.

Fran Moore Grove-White Dip. I.S.H.

Holistic Psychotherapy- Self Healing Facilitators

527 Roxton Road

Toronto, Ontario, M6G 3R5

Tel: 416-535-1210

Fax: 416-535-1270

E-mail: fran or

  1st June 2005

Professional Fees  (All Fees Inclusive of GST)

 For Group, Couple and Individual Counselling and Facilitation

Sessions: -                        Regular            Commit to 10 sessions

                                                             and receive a discount          

  • Individual: -           $100 per hour          $800   ($80 Rate)
  • Couple: -                $120                        $1000 ($100  “ )  
  • Family or Group: -  $140                        $1200 ($120 “ )  
  • Telephone: -           $  75                        $60 ($1.00 / Min)
  • One counsellor only: -      All the above less $10 per hour 
  •                                     except phone sessions.
  • Introductory Session: -      No charge (45 minutes)


Group sessions: -


  • Men’s  $35 each per first two groups – then $270 per month which includes 4 or 5 groups, one individual appointment ($60) and one intensive per month ($40) and 60 minutes of phone support per month  ($40)  A $30 discount is given if payment made  before the beginning of the month i.e. $240. Additional in person or phone sessions may be booked at the discount rate.


  • Mixed $35 each per first two groups – then $220 per month which includes 4 or 5 groups, one individual appointment($60) and 60 minutes of phone support per month ($40).  $30 discount if paid before the beginning of each month i.e. $190. Couples: $250 ($280-$30)


  • Intensives $115 for those who have made prior special arrangements to come to the intensive  (3Day) only. ($35 per day thereafter or $20 if a member of on-going group)


  • Focalization of at least one individual session per month with us or other associated counsellor is a requirement for participation in groups


Terms: -                           Payment is due at the time services are rendered or in advance. If you need to pay over a longer period of time or defer partial payment, arrangements can be made in advance. 

Work exchange may be available, in cases of financial challenge.

Visa or American Express cards are accepted

TRADeBANK and Barter Network members welcome (no discounts apply.)


Missed appointments:  -  To be paid in full by client - Free extra

                                           appointment if due to facilitator.



Cancellations: -            No charge, if made with 24 hours notice.

                                If less notice, a charge to client of    the

                                appointment cost applies or the

                               appointment free if cancelled  by facilitator.




Late appointments: -    If lateness due to client - the appointment

                                         end on time for the full fee

                                 If due to facilitator - client will receive 

                                 double the late time free.


Referrals: -                       If we receive follow through referrals from you, your next session will be FREE


Phone Connections: -        Being able to reach out for help and being able to find that help to be dependable is an important part of the healing process. To facilitate this we make ourselves available by phone around the clock and are committed to providing as dependable a presence as we are capable of and to focalize whatever process is offered.


Phone connection or appointments are charged at $1.25 a minute for one facilitator or $1.75 for two.


Suggestions - to increase your value

Videotaping: -                  Sessions may be videotaped and the only tape given to you. To get maximum benefit it is suggested you view the tape of your session within 24 hours and make notes.


Audio recording: -             You are welcome to bring your own

                                      audio equipment to record sessions.


Journaling: -                     You are encouraged to record insights, realizations and any directions you might receive and to keep a dairy and a journal of your process.


Taking Notes: -                You are strongly encouraged to bring a notebook with you to all appointments and groups.


Diaphragmatic Breathing:- A  commitment to use conscious deep diaphragmatic breathing with the affirmation as will be demonstrated by us.


100% Response-ability: -    A willingness to explore the concept of being 100% response-able for creating the quality of one’s experience including creating value, is an essential prerequisite of this work.

Stroking: -                       A commitment to learn how to and then give oneself good feelings on demand.


                                    Contracts and Commitments


Confidentiality: -              We ask for the agreement that what is shared in sessions or phone connections be held sacred and confidential. For our part we will share only what is necessary for mentor and peer supervision of our work. We ask each client not to repeat or quote to others including spouses, what we have said during a session or on the phone, unless we have specifically asked you to do so.

Co-creating Value: -          We require each client to be willing to explore the concept that therapy is a co-created process and they are co-responsible for creating value.

Therapeutic Contract: -     We need each client to

1.     State what the problem is.

2.     Identify what behaviour is to be changed.

3.     Describe the desired outcome.

4.     Ask for help.

5.     State how we can help.

6.     Agree to test the prescription/direction given.

7.     Report back the results.


We call this process focalizing


Termination: -                  We ask that once a therapeutic relationship is embarked upon that each client commit to giving four sessions notice of their intention to terminate the relationship.


“Complaints:” -                If you have issue with something we have said or done, we ask that you bring it to us in person or by phone either privately or in group. If you feel you require an objective third party to be involved, we will supply you with our supervisor’s or peer group’s contact information. We are open to negotiating some other mutually acceptable third party. (See peer supervision below)


Supervision: -                   We are accountable to a peer group of self-healing facilitators for supervision in our work and will share only what is necessary for this to take place and all such information is held in confidence.

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