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The Fourth Way

Post Introductory Level 1
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Four Tools - Post Introductory Level 1

We define Healing as  Becoming the True Self


We are already our True Selves as a seed is a seed – POTENTIAL We are here to fully express this into a world with Others Thereby making potential actual - MANIFEST



Four  Basic Tools

Used at The Fourth Way,The Toronto Institute of Self Healing, Living Circle, The Centre for Relationship Coaching, The Mill & StillNess


1. Continuous Conscious Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

Once Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing is well established as a new habit, begin to bring the breath to the lower chest after the belly has fully expanded. Then bring it to the upper chest and to the neck and shoulders, all the while expanding the belly right down to the pelvis with each cycle. Aim to remember to do this once a minute, gradually extending both the inspiration & the expiration to a minute or more. Learn to continue this conscious breathing even into the “unconsciousness” of sleep! (Level III!)


2. Affirmation

“Now I commit to experience, express and witness the fullness of my feelings and thoughts in the moment, in ways that uplift me and all creation. I choose to connect with Essence and govern my behaviour by principle”


To be said at the beginning of each period of conscious diaphragmatic breathing. You are cautioned that this process of deep diaphragmatic breathing is designed to dislodge the various glues that have held the false selves in place over your lifetime. Many emotional, physical and other symptoms may appear and you are urged to connect with your facilitator the moment this happens to help be clear what is simple releasing and what may require medical attention.


3. Stroking

This is the act of doing any behaviour (thoughts or actions) to give oneself good feelings on demand, creating the sensation of “warm fuzzies”.

Perhaps involving frequent self-appreciation, self-acknowledgment and unconditional loving compassion, done in a spirit of gratitude and celebration, together with physical stroking.

Triple stroke:

1-Stroke yourself unconditionally. 

2-Stroke for witnessing a behaviour or thought.

3-Stroke yourself for stroking yourself.


4.100% Response-ability

A willingness to explore the concept of taking 100% response-ability for creating the quality of one’s own experience.

There is no place for blame of oneself or others

No Complaining

 No Excuses

A  Farwell to Victim-hood