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The Fourth Way

Introductory Level

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The Four Basic Tools 
 Introductory Level

We define Healing as

Becoming the True Self


We are already our True Selves as a seed is a seed – POTENTIAL

We are here to fully express this into a world with Others

Thereby making potential actual - MANIFEST


Four  Basic Tools

Introductory Level


Used at: The Fourth Way, The Toronto Institute of Self Healing, Living Circle, The Centre for Relationship Coaching,

The Mill & StillNess


1.Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

To breathe in such a way that the waist expands to its maximum at each breath

(Equivalent to 7 months pregnant size) for 20 minutes at least twice a day.


2. Affirmation

“Now I am willing to experience and express the fullness of my feelings and thoughts in ways that uplift me and all creation”


To be said at the beginning of each period of conscious diaphragmatic breathing.

It is important to report back to your focalizer any phenomena you might experience.



The act of doing any behaviour (thoughts or actions) to give oneself good feelings on demand, creating the sensation of “warm fuzzies”.

Triple stroke:

1-Stroke yourself unconditionally. 

2-Stroke for witnessing a behaviour or thought.

3-Stroke yourself for stroking yourself.


4.100% Response-ability

A willingness to explore the concept of taking 100% response-ability for creating the quality of one’s own experience.

No blaming of oneself or anyone else.

No Complaining

No Excuses