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The Fourth Way

Directions to Roxton Rd., Toronto

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How to Get to 527 Roxton Rd.



We are located at 527 Roxton Rd.


By Car

Roxton Rd. is one way north bound street off Harbord St one block east of Ossington Ave, south of Bloor St. We are near the Bloor St. end of the street. We are on the left hand (east) side of the street and there should be ample parking on the street nearby. There is a link to a map below.


From the Gardiner Expressway 

Come off at Jamieson Ave., continue on Lakeshore to Strachan Ave  (Front gates of CNE) then go up to Queen St and turn left (west) and go to Ossington – go north on Ossington Ave to you get to Harbord go east one block to Roxton


From the 401

Come down the Allen Rd. to Eglinton Ave. and then turn right - go 1km west to Oakwood and go left (south) to Davenport Ave. Turn left (east) on Davenport to Ossington Ave. then turn right (south) on Ossington Ave. past Bloor St. to Harbord St. and turn left (east) and take the first left again which is Roxton Rd.


By Transit

We are one block east of Ossington Subway Station, 20 houses south of Bloor on the east (right) side.


Entrance is around the side of the building through a garden gate to the back door.

Map of:  527 Roxton Rd, Toronto ON,-79.4239&L=USA&A=12&S=405,320&PN=1101397014&P=%7c43.66090%2c-79.42390%7c1%7c527+Roxton+Rd%2c+Toronto+ON%7cL1%7c&TI=527+Roxton+Rd%2c+Toronto+ON

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